Business Owners & Fleet Managers are Installing PowerMate® LiftGates

Posted by Marjorie Jeavons on Fri, Apr 12, 2013

PowerMate® Interior Tailgate Lifts are recognized by fleet managers as an excellent power loading system for their employees. Since the PowerMate Liftgatesare mounted inside the vehicle they have distinct advantages over exterior fold down tailgate lifts and at a fraction of the price.      

            All PowerMate® LiftGates are mounted inside the vehicle out of the elements and all have a swing arm that allows for positioning loads inside the vehicle, saving the need to manhandle the load.

            LiftGates can be installed in your fleet vehicle at the time of purchase which allows the LiftGates to be financedas a lease expense. The LiftGates can be installed at either the right & left side of the rear or side door of the vehicle. They are ideal for loading or unloading a wide variety of loads such as compressed gas cylinders, hot water tanks, drain cleaners, furnaces, motors, generators, woodstoves etc.

            Currently the LiftGates are being purchased by the HVAC, home medical, universities and schools, public works and utilities industries to name just a few.

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Lincare has standardized on installing a LiftGate on new vehicles in their fleet and Dominion Virginia Power has purchased numerous PowerMate® LiftGates for their fleet. The LiftGates have significant advantages over heavy exterior fold down tailgates due to their lower cost, small footprint, and flexible mounting configurations. Also, the load on a LiftGate is secured so the risk of the load shifting or falling is eliminated.

            The LG-3 has a lifting height of 28” and can be ordered with a 250 or 500 lb lifting capacity, while the LG-6 has a 40” lift and is also available in the two weight capacities of 250 or 500 lbs. The LiftGates are made from heavy duty steel and aluminum construction and require minimal space inside the vehicle at just 1.5 sq. ft. The LiftGates operate from the vehicle’s 12 volt electrical system.

A back injury can put a good worker out of commission, even permanently in some cases, so this is why business owners and fleet managers are installing a PowerMate® LiftGate on all their vehicles.

For more information on  we invite you review our White Paper (below) or contact one of our Solution Specialists at 1-800-697-6283 to learn more about implementing your PowerMate® Fleet Program.


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