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Posted by Lee Jeavons on Wed, Aug 22, 2012

August 13, 2012, Brantford, ON: PowerMate is pleased to announce a new Equipment Financing Program with Allstate Capital, LLC, a company based out of Pompano Beach, Florida, in providing an option of third party equipment financing to its customers.

Allstate Capital has put together 2 phenomenal packages we are proud to offer to all our PowerMate Customers covering both the United States and Canada, regardless of Industry said: Paul Gazik, Business Development at PowerMate. “Our customers will benefit from the experience, low rates and commitment to customer service Mr. Eric King and his team at Allstate Capital bring to the table, even if a customer’s credit rating is less than “stellar”.

This Program will address one of PowerMate customer’s common concerns: the initial capital outlay. With third party financing Customers can realize the safety and financial benefits of owning a PowerMate Stair Climber or LiftGate TODAY for only dollars per day!

The easy to complete on-line application form (available 24/7), can be found on our PowerMate web site: Financiamiento de PowerMateForm and Allstate Capital’s commitment to a quick turn-around time (often just hours) are just two more reasons the offering with them makes perfect sense. Now PowerMate customers can now receive all the benefits a PowerMate has to offer - today, with an investment starting at less than a cup of coffee per day!

For more information on the benefits of financing or Program details contact:

Paul Gazik

Eric King

PowerMate® – L P International Inc.

Allstate Capital, LLC

151 Savannah Oaks Drive

3665 Park Central Blvd N

Brantford, ON N3V 1E8

Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Tel: (800) 697-6283 Ext. 103

Tel: (800) 949-0018 Ext. 421

Fax: 519-759-3298

Fax: 954-934-0469





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ABOUT Allstate Capital:  They are a leading commercial equipment leasing and equipment financing company.  As one of the most experienced commercial equipment leasing sources in the country, they have the ability to fund most equipment types to businesses throughout the United States.

Through their infrastructure of dedicated sales and administrative staff, they are able to offer unparalleled customer service and a broad spectrum of programs. Most importantly, they deliver "Peace of Mind" financing with the financial resources to support the transactions they fund. They always offer low rates and work in most industries.

Their most notable programs include National Accounts, Major Accounts, New Business Programs, and can go "up ticket" to several million dollars on a transactional basis. Their focus is on customers with excellent to good credit and tough credit. Their leasing programs cater to "make sense" credit decisions. They work through a network of excellent vendors and repeat customers. They encourage you to review  their various equipment leasing programs and look forward to serving all of your leasing and financing needs.



16 Reasons to Consider Leasing or Financing Equipment


  1. Use of Equipment. Leasing is the use of an asset. No business pays it employees' salary in advance. Instead, they pay people as they contribute. It should be no different with a contributing asset like business equipment. Equipment leasing enables you to pay as you use.
  2. Fixed Payments. Monthly payments on an equipment lease are generally fixed for the entire term of the lease. This is a distinct advantage in times when many equipment-financing transactions have floating interest rates. Knowing in advance what your payments will be enables you to budget & manage equipment dollars for a long time.
  3. No Down Payment. Most traditional equipment financing options require a sizable down payment. On cash purchases this can be as much as 20%. No down payment is required on an equipment lease.
  4. 100% Equipment Financing with Low Rates. Traditional methods of equipment financing usually do not include "soft cost" items such as software, installation and freight. A good equipment lease transaction allows these items, thereby allowing you to finance the total package. Allstate Capital also offers very low rates that can be competitive with local banks!
  5. Flexibility. Equipment leasing provides the lessee with greater structuring flexibility. The equipment leasing industry is typically populated by aggressive entrepreneur types who find ways to structure lease transactions to fit the needs of their customers. This gives a lessee the opportunity to make the most of such lease structuring variables as number and amount of advance payment amount, purchase option etc.
  6. Easier Than Bank Loans. Equipment leasing programs and procedures are specially designed to take the red tape out of financing capital equipment for business.
  7. Purchase or Renewal Options. Most equipment lease arrangements allow customers the option to either purchase at a stated amount or at a Fair Market Value, or to renew the lease at a reduced monthly payment. The lease structure determines which of the options is available.
  8. Conservation of Capital. Because of the sizeable cash outlay involved in purchasing new equipment, many business lease purchase to conserve capital. Money that could be used to buy inventory, advertise, and hire personnel is better spent doing just that rather than spent purchasing equipment that is worth less and less as time goes by. If you are in business where you have important alternative uses for money on hand, leasing always wins out in the lease versus buy analysis.
  9. Easier Cash Flow Forecasting. Equipment leasing, which is simply dollars-per-month financing helps an equipment user fit a monthly payment into their budget. Because payments are fixed, users can intelligently budget into the future.
  10. Ability To Work Within Budget.  Subsidiaries of large corporations or department managers of small companies have the authority to acquire equipment they need, but only if it fits within operating budget guidelines. Many managers decide to acquire needed equipment via leasing because it allows them to have the use of equipment (which is all they really want) and still work within operating budget limits. They don't have to go to capital expenditure committees for approval.
  11. Tax Benefits. Just as businesses have done for years, a lessee can usually deduct their monthly lease payment as an operating expense. This clearly reduces the new cost of the lease. It is always best to talk to your tax accountant.
  12. State Of The Art Equipment. When dollars are already budgeted, managers who need newer equipment can conveniently acquire that equipment on a dollar-per-month basis since the monthly payment precedent has usually been established.
  13. Additional Lines Of Credit. When equipment is bought with borrowed funds, credit lines with a lender are reduced. When equipment is leased, a business has in fact established an additional line of credit with its Lessor.
  14. Use Lessor for Other Equipment Needs.  Many Lessors are in the position to lease just about any type of equipment.
  15. Equipment Leasing.  Your new machinery and equipment will allow you to preserve your existing cash flow and to be able to respond to new business opportunities. The profits generated from the productivity of the equipment are usually greater than the lease payments.
  16. Equipment Types. These are just a few equipment-leasing options of what you can lease with Allstate Capital at low rates. Computer leasing, industrial leasing, machine tool leasing, fitness equipment leasing, software leasing, used equipment leasing, office equipment leasing, office furniture leasing, communications equipment leasing, construction equipment leasing, medical equipment leasing, rental equipment leasing, and much more!

Document Supplied Courtesy of Allstate Capital, LLC - 2012

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