Culligan Dealer finds flexibility with new PowerMate

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Fri, Jul 09, 2010

Jason Karger from Culligan Quality Water of North Central Ohio loves his PowerMate® because it gives him back flexibility he lost when one of his workers became injured, “…due to his bad back, one of our service technicians was greatly limited from duties” wrote Jason recently, “…for Portable Exchange tank deliveries, discontinued equipment removals and removal of equipment we are replacing it was difficult for him to deal with customers’ steps as well as getting the equipment in and out of his pickup.”

A PowerMate is a piece of ergonomic equipment that mechanizes the hazardous job of physically removing or installing heavy equipment or supplies. By adopting PowerMate technology to mechanize delivery for just one worker, Jason gained back lost flexibility in the scheduling of his installers, “Your PowerMate hand truck has reversed much of the injured workers limitations. It helps him get our tanks in and out of homes and his truck. In the past I would have to send a second person to help or send a different person to do the work, but now I have almost as much flexibility with him as I do with the other installers!”

Good ergonomic strategy equals better productivity. In this case, a small business franchise owner needed an ergonomic solution for a particular problem. In the solution he found through PowerMate, he not only solved the problem in question but also dramatically improved scheduling flexibility beyond the expected.

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