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“Exposición Global del Petróleo 2014”

Posted by Contributing Editor on Thu, Jun 19, 2014

Global Petroleum Show 2014 

At the recent Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta, PowerMate® motorized stair climbing hand trucks and LiftGates were proudly demonstrated. Located on the second floor of the ”Big Four” Building at Stampede Park, the PowerMate safety lifting equipment garnered comments like; “WOW”, “AMAZING”, “AWESOME”, “COOL” and other rave comments from visitors and exhibitors alike!

It is clear the Petroleum Industry holds all matters involving Safety as their number one priority. L P International Inc., the manufacturer of PowerMate, has been manufacturing nothing other than PowerMate safety lifting equipment for over 35 years. It was a somewhat of a surprise to learn the PowerMate technology was new to almost all of the visitors to the PowerMate booth at the Show.

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What is a PowerMate?

Manufactured and distributed worldwide from Brantford, Ontario, this Canadian made technology is designed to safely lift products like; motors, pumps, transformers, generators, drums, barrels and drill tips; up and down stairs, dock leveling, on and off vehicles and across surfaces of all kinds. Some models even have the unique ability to act as a stacker, lifting loads up to 40” or 101.6 cm high.

PowerMate® is ergonomically designed to safely lift just about any load up to 1,500 pounds or 680 kilos. Attendees at the event where especially intrigued with the live demonstration of the  PowerMate® LE-1 Model moving a 425lb motor, the PowerMate® LiftGate and PowerMate® M-1 Models moving barrels. Although it was not at the Show, the new highly specialized PowerMate® LE-1D solution created exclusively for moving drums and barrels was a hot topic of discussion with visitors.

Regardless of the application, almost all visitors saw the value of the rough terrain cart or “big wheel” attachments (pictured below). These oversized pneumatic wheels can be attached or removed in seconds without any tools. The rough terrain cart or “big wheel” attachments make moving across mud, grass, sand, gravel, rock, ice, snow etc. simple, safe and easy.


Benefits of a PowerMate

PowerMate is regarded by many users as a piece of Personal Protect Equipment or P.P.E. PowerMate is ergonomically proven 87% less effort for the operator and as importantly places the operator in 100% control of the load they are moving. PowerMate® empowers the user to work safely preventing costly avoidable injuries, saving both valuable time and money. With the cost of an average lost time injury at $35,000 in direct and indirect costs, why expose your company to that risk when there is a PowerMate Solution?

Visitors were quick to realize how PowerMate can be a great way to attract new long term employees, retain skilled veterans, or empower employees in more remote areas to do more with less! Beyond the obvious value as a safety tool, the average payback on a PowerMate investment is 2.2 months and some PowerMate users have reported having seen a 100% payback after only one use! With minimal maintenance a PowerMate can last for years helping make Companies safer, more efficient and more profitable!

A common question at the show was about the longevity of the PowerMate battery pack. The battery pack is a sealed cell gel electrolyte battery with no memory - just keep it plugged in at night when the machine is not in use. It has been tested taking a 500 pound or 227 kilo load up and down a twenty storey building all on a single charge. The typical life expectancy of the battery pack is 4-7 years. This is just one example of how PowerMate® delivers the lowest total cost of ownership to their customers!

Interest in at the Show in PowerMate was not just limited to North America. Several International Companies approached the PowerMate team and expressed an interest to learn more about the PowerMate International Partner Programs at the Show. The company is always happy to discuss opportunities to bring the Brand to new regions and expand the growing network of PowerMate International Dealer/Distributor Partners worldwide.

The PowerMate team in the booth at the Show included: Lee Jeavons, Paul Gazik and Bruce Gowling.

All inquires, including International can be directed to:

PowerMate – L P International Inc. (Head Office)

Phone: 1-800-697-6283 in North America or 519-759-3292
E-mail: info@powermate.info
Website: www.powermate.info

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to drop by and visit with us at Global Petroleum Show to learn more about PowerMate safety lifting solutions. We look forward to working with you and everyone in the Petroleum Industry for many years to come!

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