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PowerMate® Goes Mobile Friendly!

Posted by Contributing Editor on Thu, Apr 03, 2014

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This week, L P International Inc., the manfacturer of the PowerMate® brand of motorized stair climbing hand trucks and LiftGates, launched a NEW mobile website www.powermate.info designed to further ennhance our customers' web browsing experience.

In a global marketplace, the use of smart phones and other mobile devices continue to grow. PowerMate® is there to provide you with just another option to make accessing the information you need as quickly as possible with the least amount of frustration.

All around the world, the trend is continuing to grow of people using smart phones and other handheld communication devices to do business. The time was right to introduce the new PowerMate® mobile website.

We saw this addition as a necessity, taking into consideration that our visitors' time is extremely valuable. We recognize that even between the standard business hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm EST, many of our customers are out of the office, traveling, or just taking care of business!

The reality is our visitors are in many different time zones all around the world. Dealing with the various time zones, comes with its unique set of challenges. The new mobile site provides a simple, efficient means to make a PowerMate® inquiry and access PowerMate® information 24 hours a day - 7 days a week!

Another huge addition bonus of the new mobile site is it gives all our visitors the option of over 40 different languages, with support for over 12 000 different devices, to view their PowerMate® information! Again, the intent is to make all your visits easy, efficient, and as productive as possible!

The newly designed website is based on a responsive framework which allows easy viewing no matter the device.The new mobile website will automatically recognize the hardware you are using to access the PowerMate® website and display the information in the appropriate (best) formate. As always, you will have the option to access the main www.powermate.info at any point you choose.

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PowerMate® Safety Lifting Equipment Now Available in Israel

Posted by Contributing Editor on Thu, Mar 06, 2014

L P International Inc. is pleased to announce BTO Engineering Ltd. as its latest PowerMate® distributor in the country of Israel.  BTO Engineering Ltd will be providing the Country of Israel with PowerMate® safety lifting solutions.  

Mr. Eyal Regev: “I am confident the PowerMate® product line-up fits very well with my passion for selling products which create high value and enhance customer's performance and productivity”.  

Mr. Regev went on to explain: “We want to start working to gain some initial orders from potential customers in preferred trades so we can have some local references and showcases (in our culture this is a very important dimension in the buying decision process people feel more comfortable to ask existing local users about their experiences- especially in case of unique innovative products like PowerMate®)”.  

It is our goal through working closely together with Mr. Regev and his team in providing the Israeli marketplace with complete solutions to their safety lifting needs with the full line of PowerMate® Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Trucks and tail gate lifts – “LiftGates”. I know that working together we both stand to learn a great deal from each other!

We are look forward to building a mutually beneficial business relationship for many years to come.

Welcome to the PowerMate® family PowerMate® Israel!

PowerMate logo BTO Engineering Ltd

Paul Gazik

Business Development,
PowerMate® – L P International Inc.
Ph: 1-519-759-3292 ext. 103
e-mail: pfg@PowerMate.info
URL: www.powermate.info

Mr. Eyal Regev

BTO Engineering Ltd. – PowerMate® Israel
Ph: 011972-3-9024026
e-mail: regev@bto-eng.co.il
URL: www.bto-eng.co.il/

L P International Inc. manufactures a comprehensive line of stair climbing hand trucks, tail gate lifts and value-added accessories; offering product built to the more rigorous CE Standards, where required. L P International Inc. has been in business under the same ownership since 1976, manufacturing and selling thousands of PowerMate® Safety Moving Systems worldwide. The company is headquarted in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. It has achieved an excellent reputation for supplying the highest quality products as well as providing superior operator training and customer service. For more information please visit: www.powermate.info

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¡El micrositio HVAC-R de PowerMate está listo!

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Mon, Feb 01, 2010

To view a presentation on the benefits of owning a PowerMate for your HVAC business visit our HVAC-R Micro-site. Other industry presentations coming soon. A PowerMate Stair Climber is four machines in one. A powered stair climbing hand truck, a well balanced dolly, a loading dock leveler and powered tailgate lift. A PowerMate does 100% of the lifting so you don’t have to. Reduce jobsite injuries and claims, save money on labor costs – a PowerMate often can eliminate the need for extra hands during load-in – or use your extra capacity to put another crew on the road! There are PowerMates for every job, from 250 lbs. LG-3’s up to 1,500 lbs. capacity M-Series machines. Call today and ask to speak to a Solution Specialist. 1-800-697-6283 or leave your name and number and we’ll contact you at your convenience. .

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PowerMate lanza nuevo blog

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Fri, Dec 04, 2009

L P International launched their first blog to support the PowerMate brand and to provide information on safety moving solutions for customers in the HVAC and plumbing sectors, hearth and patio retailers, property management industry, elevator repair business, vending machine industry, lock and gun safe suppliers and movers and other business sectors that regularly move heavy loads up and down stairs, on and off trucks or across flat or uneven surfaces.

We will post or link to articles of interest in each sector and strive to provide content of interest, useful tips and access to resources and news in the areas of safety moving systems or related topics. Our company news section will provide information of timely special offers, dealer opportunities, affiliate opportunities and training material including video and webinar.

Feel Free to use this form to post questions about safety moving solutions or provide feedback on your experience in your industry (please post responsibly.)

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