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Posted by Contributing Editor on Mon, Feb 15, 2016

Karl H. Bartels GmbH – Germany & Austria - (PARTNER SINCE: November, 2015)

Since the founding of the company in 1938, Bartels strong customer focus has allowed them to source and provide an ever growing number of specialized and purpose-built products.

Through the trade of factory equipment and transport devices such as workbenches, pallet trucks, ladders and packaging technologies, Bartels has acquired the know-how necessary for supporting their customers as a proven partner for all of their custom material handling equipment requirements.

Bartels is committed to source a purpose-built solution for their customers’ special requirements – and at competitive prices! For the team at Bartels, being customer focused means: maximum flexibility and willingness to learn. The company founder, Karl H. Bartels, exemplified this philosophy and it continues with the team today! Already in the third generation, tradition and innovation are always top priorities.

33 years ago, PowerMate® motorized stair climbing trolleys were purchased for sale in Germany. This makes Germany one of the first international countries to purchase PowerMate® Safety Lifting solutions! Thousands of PowerMate® stair climbers have been sold since 1982. Early on, the PowerMate® electric stair climbers were marketed under the former brand name “IMPACT Hubheber”.

As required for Germany, L P International Inc. manufactures and ships CE conforming electric stair climbing trolleys to the team at Karl H. Bartels GmbH. We have every confidence the Bartels team will continue the tradition of providing PowerMate® customers with superior sales, service, and operator training support throughout the country.


PowerMate® looks forward to working with Bartels in continuing to grow the PowerMate® brand in Germany! Whether you are in the Vending Industry, HVAC-R Industry, Appliance Industry or Elevator Industry, we invite you to contact Bartels today. Mr. Valentin and his team will be more than happy to assist you with all your PowerMate® sales, and very soon, your service and operator training needs!

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Welcome to the PowerMate® Team Karl H. Bartels GmbH – the NEW PowerMate® Germany!

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Paul Gazik

Business Development,

PowerMate® – L P International Inc.

Ph: 1-519-759-3292 ext. 103

e-mail: pfg@PowerMate.info

URL: www.PowerMate.info

Hr. Henrik Valentin

Leitung Vertrieb und Marketing

Karl H. Bartels GmbH

Telefon: +49-4126-3968-0

e-mail: info@bartels-germany.de

URL: www.bartels-germany.de


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