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Ayuda para elevar cargas pesadas en Barbados

Posted by Contributing Editor on Tue, Apr 29, 2014


Mr. Allan Harris

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"Aligning you with high quality products and exceptional service!"

Align Office Systems is a Barbadian family owned company, offering a comprehensive range of office furniture and safes (Chubbsafes). They supply, deliver, and install to each unique requirement, tailoring to suit individual objectives and budgets. With specialized knowledge and a commitment to service, we provide professional advice, presenting office solutions that are superior in quality and design.

Align Office Systems is a great example of a PowerMate® Partner that leads by example by using the PowerMate® M-2B for delivery of safes and office equipment. Dealers who use the PowerMate® equipment themselves tell us this is one of the most effective means of generating interest, leads, and more sales. What better testimonial can you give a piece of equipment than to be using it yourself?

With Mr. Harris' dedication to providing customers with superior solutions and his excellent reputation on the island, we are confident that he will be very successful in helping to bring the PowerMate® brand to the Barbados!

Interested in learning just a few of the details that make a PowerMate® Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Truck superior to the conventional hand truck you are using today? We invite you to review the following blog post: Powered Stair Climbers Vs. Conventional Hand Trucks

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Paul Gazik
Business Development,

PowerMate® - L P International Inc.
Ph: 1-519-759-3292 ext.  103
E-mail: pfg@powermate.info
URL: www.powermate.info

Mr. Allan Harris
Managing Director,

Align Office Systems Inc.
Ph: 246-427-9706
E-mail: align@caribsurf.com
URL: http://sba.bb/website/aligniffice/?page_id=84

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About L P International Inc.:

L P International Inc. manufactures the PowerMate® brand of stair climbing hand trucks, tail gate lifts (LiftGates), and value added accessories including: product built to CE standards, we requested. L P International Inc. has been in business funder the same ownership since 1976, manufacturing and selling thousands of PowerMate® Safety Moving Systems worldwide. The company is headquartered in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. It has achieved an excellent reputation for supplying the highest quality products as well as providing superior operator training and customer service. For more information please visit: www.powermate.info

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STANLEY HANDLING – U.K. (PowerMate Partner Since: 1988)

Posted by Contributing Editor on Mon, Apr 07, 2014

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Stanley Handling is our first, most successful, and longest standing International Partner going back to 1988! Mr. Robert Stanley and his team have literally sold thousands of PowerMate® machines throughout the U.K.! The Teams dedication, commitment, and belief in the PowerMate® Brand has always remained a constant!

Established in 1948, Stanley is one of the UK's leading independent materials handling specialists.

Stanley offers a wide range of products to suit many applications and budgets including: the ROBUR range of standard, specialist and bespoke pedestrian trucks, Tool Handlers, Die Handlers, Inspection Mould Handling Machines, Plane Handlers, Tugs, Paper Reel Handlers and Carpet Reel Handlers. They also supply the complete PowerMate® powered stair climber range and a 500-page mail order catalogue.

Their strong technical expertise is supported by an extensive service department with full workshop facilities for maintenance and overhauls combined with a dedicated training school offering a variety of health & safety and handling & FT courses. Stanley Handling is the place to go for quality sales, service and training - all completed by experienced PowerMate® authorized personnel!

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Paul Gazik
Business Development,
PowerMate® - L P International Inc.
Ph: 1-519-759-3292 ext. 103
E-mail: pfg@powermate.info
URL: www.powermate.info

Mr. Robert Stanley
Stanley Handling Ltd.
Ph: 01582 767711
E-mail: sales@stanleyhandling.co.uk
URL: www.stanleyhandling.co.uk

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PowerMate® Goes Mobile Friendly!

Posted by Contributing Editor on Thu, Apr 03, 2014

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This week, L P International Inc., the manfacturer of the PowerMate® brand of motorized stair climbing hand trucks and LiftGates, launched a NEW mobile website www.powermate.info designed to further ennhance our customers' web browsing experience.

In a global marketplace, the use of smart phones and other mobile devices continue to grow. PowerMate® is there to provide you with just another option to make accessing the information you need as quickly as possible with the least amount of frustration.

All around the world, the trend is continuing to grow of people using smart phones and other handheld communication devices to do business. The time was right to introduce the new PowerMate® mobile website.

We saw this addition as a necessity, taking into consideration that our visitors' time is extremely valuable. We recognize that even between the standard business hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm EST, many of our customers are out of the office, traveling, or just taking care of business!

The reality is our visitors are in many different time zones all around the world. Dealing with the various time zones, comes with its unique set of challenges. The new mobile site provides a simple, efficient means to make a PowerMate® inquiry and access PowerMate® information 24 hours a day - 7 days a week!

Another huge addition bonus of the new mobile site is it gives all our visitors the option of over 40 different languages, with support for over 12 000 different devices, to view their PowerMate® information! Again, the intent is to make all your visits easy, efficient, and as productive as possible!

The newly designed website is based on a responsive framework which allows easy viewing no matter the device.The new mobile website will automatically recognize the hardware you are using to access the PowerMate® website and display the information in the appropriate (best) formate. As always, you will have the option to access the main www.powermate.info at any point you choose.

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